Sports and Wellbeing Team


Here at Holistic approaches we have some exciting projects not just on going but looking into the future and progressing the opportunities to engage in physical and wellbeing activities…


  • Our strong beliefs are that everyone who believes can achieve, and through the use of sport, and its many transferable life skills we are keen to show belief in others that will see them believe in themselves, leading to achieving great things
  • We currently boast a fantastic sports department with a wide range of facilities available to us such as the fitness suite, multi sports area, nutritional area and a range of sports equipment allowing us to cater for a wide range of activities.


To develop independence in relation to physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing that promotes lifelong positive lifestyle choices beyond our provision. Allowing for long term whole body holistic behaviour habits of exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, wellbeing and awareness of own mind and body…


  • We have the Sports and Wellbeing Team on site working throughout all the Holistic Approaches provisions engaging young people, be this in a group setting or a direct 1:1 session through a variety of planned sports activities, promoting health and wellbeing.


Sports and Wellbeing Manager… Mathew

To set out and initiate delivery of key health, sports and wellbeing strategies that will benefit the individuals within our provision and support through interventions that are appropriate, up to date, safe and effective in providing lifelong positive lifestyle changes, whilst supporting staff to deliver these initiatives in a way that maximises engagement and potential successful outcomes.


Sports and Wellbeing Coaches… Cade, Tom, Melissa

To creatively follow the health, sports and wellbeing strategies set out and deliver engaging sessions to all individuals within our support around exercise, sports, nutrition and wellbeing, ensuring all sessions have a clear aim and outcome. By doing this we create a culture of knowledge and awareness around physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing.


Sports and Wellbeing Senior Support Link… Terrell

Creating a key link between the health, sports and wellbeing team and the front line staff who , plan, deliver, engage and support young people with Living Independent Preparation Skills (LIPS) ensuring a clear and effective communication between all staff throughout, that promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to supporting the individuals within our provision whilst also actively promoting sports and wellbeing activities.